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Eduard Diadiura

Curriculum Vitae


 Eduard Diadiura was born in 1970 in Ukraine. His musical education began at the age of 6 (piano) and was continued through music school and Music College of Ukraine until 1989 (piano and choir conducting ).

 Mr. Duiadiura studied at the Gnesins' Russian music academy with professor Stanislav Gusev (Diploma in choir conducting , diploma in symphonic conducting). He was studying symphonic conducting with prof.Eduard Serov.

In 1992 became conductor of Yarlov' Choral capella of Russia , Moscow.

In 1996 maestro Diadiura was appointed music director of fcademic choir of the Moscow State university. He was holding this position till year 2000. At the same time Mr. Diadiura has been the Senior lecturer of conducting at this University.

In year 1999-2001 he became the conductor of "Young Russia" symphonic orchestra of Moscow.

In 2001 in the Grand Hall of the Moscow State conservatoire maestro Diadiura conducted K.Orff « Carmina Burana» in structure of 250 executors. In the following year 2002 in the Grand Hall of the Moscow State conservatoire conducted «Requiem» Verdi in structure of 300 executors.

It 2003 he accepted a position of chief hoirmaster of Choral Capella of Russia , named after A.Yurlov.

In 2002 at the Grand Hall of the Moscow State conservatoire organized the concert, dedicated to the first year anniversary of the Tragedy of September 11, with the great support and devotion of the American Embassy. The concert was opened by the U.S. Ambassador Alexander Vershbow and covered by Media sources BBC, CNN, EuroNews, and others. At the concert Mr. Diadiura conducted Symphony #3 and Symphony #9 Beethoven in structure of 300. First part of the Concert, Symphony #3 Beethoven performed by soloist Denis Matsuev.

In 2003 Mr. Diariura became a student of maestro Yury Simonov, class symphonic conducting. From 2003 to 2005 he was a participant to the master-class of Maestro Simonov ( Budapest , Hungary ). In 2005 became a participant to the master-class Maestro Panula and continued into 2006 as a participant to the master-class Maestro G.Rozhdestvensky.

Since year 2003 he repeatedly performed with "Young Russia" symphonic orchestra, symphonic orchestra of the Russian ministry of defense, State symphonic orchestra, symphonic orchestra of Russia , National symphonic orchestra of Russia.

Conducted operas "Aida", "La Traviata", "Rigoletto", "Magic Flute", "Carmen","Otello"

Performed in opera houses of Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, touring with an orchestra of the Moscow philharmonic (USA, England, Spain, Germany, Chezh Republic, China,) as well as with symphony orchestra of Russia (USA, Germany, Chezh Republic), Repeatedly performing with symphony orchestra "List-Wagner" of Budapest, Hungary.

 2004 -2007 conductor of the Moscow philharmonic orchestra.

 2007 - 2009 conductor symphonic orchestra of the Russia.

 2010-Principal Guest Conductor of the Kaliningrad symphonic orchestra.

 2010-Principal Guest Conductor opera and ballet theatre of the Dnepropetrovsk (Ukrain)